Vacations & Destinations by WestonSkies Travel

At WestonSkies Travel & Destination Weddings, we combine our passion for love and travel by creating world-class travel opportunities for couples, families and groups. With the vacations we coordinate, you'll create a lifetime of loving memories.  Explore our vacations and destinations page to learn more about the trips we offer.

Worldwide Travel Packages

WestonSkies Travel creates travel packages around the world for couples, families and groups. As part of our commitment to our guests, we strive to ensure that each component of their dream trip is properly planned in advance. Our travel packages can include the resort or cruise stay, air travel, airport transfers, additional transportation, dining and beverage packages, tours and activities, and more! WestonSkies Travel suggests the best possible travel package for you based on your travel request.

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Find Your Next Destination

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Travel for Special Occasions

Once your trip has been booked, we can plan the special details such as a surprise moment or private activities. We understand that travel is the perfect time to plan for a special occasion and we would love to help in anyway we can!