About WestonSkies Travel

WestonSkies Travel & Destination Weddings was founded to combine our passion for love and travel to create memorable, loving moments for our guests. It's important to us to create world-class travel opportunities for couples, families and groups. To spend quality time together, it can be challenging to make time or put in the effort. It is our hope that by using our travel services, you will be able to alleviate any hassle involved with planning to travel together. At WestonSkies Travel & Destination Weddings, we create the moments of your dreams in the destinations of your dreams.

Meet Yvonne Weston

Yvonne Weston, our owner and expert travel advisor, created WestonSkies Travel & Destination Weddings to connect her love of people, travel and love! Yvonne's talent of planning travel originates from her love of going the extra mile to make others feel special. Each and every trip she plans showcases her talent. Yvonne wanted to take her passion and turn it into a profession. So, she's done exactly that. 

Yvonne set fourth on an intense learning journey to become an expert travel agent. WestonSkies Travel & Destination Weddings is now certified with Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Specialist Association (DWHSA) and top worldwide travel partners (see below) to book and manage trips. WestonSkies Travel is a member of American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), Travel Leaders Network (TLN) and Cruise Line International Association (CLIA). WestonSkies Travel is, also, a proud member of Kosciusko County Chamber of Commerce. The connections Yvonne maintains in the travel industry helps her provide excellent travel service to her clients.

If you're in search of an expert travel agent who confidentially manages your trip with care, meet Yvonne. You can trust in her guidance to take you around the world for a lifetime. 

We love researching and coordinating trips.

Whether you're planning a special occasion, heading to a new destination or simply aiming to take a relaxing vacation, you need an expert you can trust to guide your journey. WestonSkies Travel & Destination Wedding's expert planning service provides you with the information you need from the time you start planning through the time you arrive back home. We work hard to create the trip and guide you to make it possible. Our expert booking process was created to help travelers achieve their dream trip and know what to expect along the way. WestonSkies Travel & Destination Wedding is dedicated to bringing you memorable moments without any hassles.

Our Booking Process: 

1. We start with submitting your trip request. We'll follow up with you to review your request within one business day.
2. Once we better understand your travel needs, we'll create custom trip option(s) for you.
3. After we create the perfect trip for you, we'll complete your reservations by collecting guest information and a payment/deposit for your trip.
4. Between the time of booking and the time of travel, we will manage your trip by following notifications for updates, prepare you for travel and remind you of important pre-trip tasks.
5. You can travel confidently knowing what to expect and that your travel agent is standing by just in case.